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Audio EQ Basics

January 8, 2021 @ 10:00 am 1:00 pm

Part of the Audio DSP Basics Series The beginning audio professional must understand the key components to using an audio system: the basic sound system; signal flow; gain stage; connections; microphone and speaker placement. After that, the user is ready to beginning using signal processing tools. The first and most important of these tools is equalization. EQ is normally the first tool an operator uses to actually modify or change the quality of the audio signal in order to prevent feedback and/or get a more desirable tonal quality.

This online class will teach you the different types of equalizers that are available, the terminology that is used when using an equalizer, and how best to utilize these tools in the live sound environment.

This class will require the student to have a set of decent quality headphones. A good quality telephone or gamer headset is fine. The headset needs to be something that either completely covers both ears, or good quality earbuds with soft inserts that completely block both ear canals. They need to be isolated enough to make it difficult to hear around you while you are wearing them. If your computer is connected to good quality speakers, that will be fine as well. Standard computer/tablet speakers or hard earbuds that just sit loose in your ear will not be sufficient. Like when using all audio or recording systems, DO NOT use “Noise Canceling” headphones, unless you can turn the “noise cancelling” feature off.There will be reference materials available to download before the class.

EQ basics is an online class and the participants will receive a meeting ID and password the day of the class.

The wait-list will be notified by email if and when individuals do not show up on the day of the course. If you are wait-listed be ready to join the meeting at the time of the event.