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Education Resources is the link to On Demand Classes, informational videos, and additional information that will make life as a stagehand a little easier.

AV Intensive Class List Applications
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Online Skills Training


  • Audinate Dante Certification Course: Create A new Account or Log in Here
  • Other Audinate Video Series Here
  • Midas M32 Quick tips playlist. This is a relatively common board that we have in some theaters and see on the bounce occasionally
  • QSC TouchMix Training is offered here. This is the board OnSite has purchased for their breakout rooms in the convention center.
  • Yamaha self-training for the CL series console is offered here.
  • Harmon Professional University has a good selection of on-demand Audio classes for free as well as some certification classes.
  • Audinate is has a catalog of Webinars 
  • How to connect Freespeak ii to any analog com system



  • has a list of videos that are a good refresher for the basics; they also have some more in-depth videos if you want more info.
  • ETC’s Learning Stage is offering their classes free of charge right now to use this resource log in or register here.
  • Strand is offering a host of offerings at this page scroll down the page to register for a particular class.
  • If you want to learn how to build lighting plots or are interested in the design side of our work you can go to VectorWorks university to get a primer and then attend VectorWorks Spotlight Webinars Seating in the webinars is limited so join up as soon as you can.



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  • Evolve Media is presenting a series of On Demand Classes for the Analog Way LiveCore system Here.


  • If you are interested in Costuming or Cosplay Downen Creative Studios has a list of tutorials that include thermoplastics, resins, and mold making..


  • Drafty Is an interesting tool and while I do not know the average referent needs to purchase the resource packages, I had a fun time hanging a light plot with speakers and a projector.

Stagehand Basics 

  • David McKenna has a good video on how to coil cable. Grab the extension cords in your house and practice with him here


Entertainment and Exhibitions Training Trust Fund Education Links

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AVIXA Partnership:Take classes from the Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association, AVIXA. They are the producers of the InfoComm and the creators of AV Essentials and CTS Certification. All the basics classes are at no charge and there is a discount on the certifications. AV Math, Networking Technology, and Event set up for AV techs are all very useful basics courses.  


  • Visit the TTF AVIXA webpage and click the register button
  • Fill out and submit the Webform, Hurray a webform!
  • In about a week-ish you will get a registration email
  • Follow the instructions and take courses
  • Send the Education Coordinator your Certificates of completion to


Motion Picture and Television Online Safety Courses (must be an active referent of IATSE Local 122 eligible to work under the ASA). The full list of courses is here and they include HP1 and HP2 Sexual Harassment Prevention courses that will soon be required by the state of California.


  • Fill out an Application to verify that you are eligible. Make sure to check the box for linked-in learning to get more free classes.
  • Email completed application to
  • When you receive your log in information Register your account.
  • Log In to your account and take Classes.
  • Send the Education Coordinator your Certificates of completion to


Safety First! TTF online courses. There are 16 safety courses designed to foster a culture of safety among stage hands and provide the information needed to recognize and address hazards in the workplace. For more information visit this page.


  • Fill out the application. If you do not already have a linked-in learning account check the box to get one for more free classes.
  • When you get your log in information, Log in.
  • Take classes
  • Send the Education Coordinator your Certificates of completion to


Linked-In Learning provides a great many courses to help bolster your resume. For our industry they provide comprehensive PowerPoint and Keynote classes that provide the foundation for AV essentials from AVIXA as well as very fundamental networking classes to prepare Audio, Electric, and Video Technicians with the background they need to handle the modernizing Theatrical industry.

    • Fill out the application. Only do this if you have not checked the box on other applications 
    • Send application to the
    • Wait until you receive your log in 
    • Login and take classes 
    • Send the Education Coordinator your Certificates of completion to


Social Media

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ETCP Certification and Re-certification Information

  • If you are ready to take a the test here is the information about testing 
  • If you need an extension to re-certify follow the instructions here 

EDD Unemployment Claim filing Assistance

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If you need more specific help please email the Education Coordinator at to be connected with individualized assistance.