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The 122 Pre-App Program

The 122 Pre-App Program

The IATSE 122 Pre-Apprentice Program is an education initiative designed to provide new referents with the basic skills needed to function as a competent crew member in all departments. As such, the program has an array of entry level classes for that focus on specialized knowledge while reinforcing the skills common to all. Consequently, the Pre-Apprentice program provides a solid foundation for more advanced education and the IATSE 122 Apprenticeship Program


What is the program, and what do I need to complete it?

  • The program is designed for individuals who wish to join union membership with Local 122.
  • You will have on the job training, along with classroom training to perfect your skills, or learn something new.
  • Continuing education will be provided
  • Workshops and classes will be offered throughout the year and are a great opportunity to learn a new skill or improve your skills.
  • Referents will be required to complete 3200 hours of paid on the job training to be considered for membership.


Where do I start?

  • Turn in a resume to IATSE Local 122 Union Hall, or via email at
  • Your resume will be reviewed by the call stewards and kept on file for 6 months.
  • Once your resume is reviewed and accepted, you will be invited to come into the hall and fill out an application to become active on the work referral list.
  • You may begin calling the work availability line immediately. You should leave your name and the days/times you are available to work for the following week. Once you call the hotline and leave your availability, It will be recorded in our system and will remain for 10 days. We recommend that you call in once a week. If your availability changes, please update the hotline.


How do I keep track of my hours worked?

  • Time cards may be picked up at the Union hall front desk. These cards are designed for you to keep track of the hours you have completed towards membership.
  • Cards must include the following:
    1. Your name must be written clearly on the top of each card.
    2. The Date
    3. The Venue
    4. Amount of hours
    5. Department you worked in
    6. Stewards Name and signature.
  • Time cards are filled out on the job site and signed by the Steward or Department Head. Cards without signatures will not be considered complete and may not count towards membership.
  • When your card is full, return it to the hall and receive a blank one.
  • The hall will keep a running tally of your hours worked based on the cards you submit. The hall is NOT responsible for keeping track of your hours, nor will they keep track of your hours without time cards! It is advised that you keep a photocopy or picture of your time cards as well.