We recently completed our yearly IATSE 122 Winter Workshop. If you were able to attend, Congratulations! You had access to a vast array of leading, top tier, advanced entertainment training that you will not find anywhere else. Taught by the most skilled local labor professionals IATSE 122 has to offer. Hosted by you for you. Together with the help and continued partnership from The San Diego Convention Center, San Diego Theatrical Training Trust Fund, Freeman AV and Electric, OnSite a GES company, Summit Rentals, PSAV, Show Imaging and Theatrical Payroll Services, we have set the standard for stagehands in the industry.

If you didn’t get a chance to attend, or have never been to one before and are interested in learning more about it. Below is a breakdown of what you missed and what you can look forward to in 2020 when we host the fantastic event again. This 5 day workshop hosted the following classes;



How to be a Steward

Basics of Organizing

Health & Welfare, Pension & Benefits

Active Shooter Training


Intro to Audio

Basic Audio

Analog Audio Systems

Digital Audio Systems

Intercomm Systems

Wireless Audio


Electrics 1, 2 & 3

Power Distribution

Leprechaun Lighting Board

The Whole Hog Lighting Board


Camera Shading

LED Wall Programming

Event Master Training

How to be a V1

AV – Audio/Visual

Basic AV

Basic Networking


Rigging Skills Station

Aerial Work Platform Driving Class

Over the course of this week long workshop

0 Individual Classes
0 Attended Individual Classes
0 Hours of Instruction
0 Individual Students
0 Individual Teachers

Thank you to all of our Instructors & Partners

Andrew Carmona

Andrew Zenner

Andrew Stevens

Apollo Leppard

Ben Shaw

Brendan Berg

Brian Kitlinger

Chris Kempf

Dakota Duran

Dante Esparza

David Leyton

David Lowe

Eileen Rodriguez

Franklin Gray

Greg Sowizdrzal

Isaac Clark

Jayson Taylor

Jeff Ward

Jerald Crum

Jessica Van Ess

John Barnett

John Perillo

Jon Esparza

Jonathan Silva

Juan Perez

Kat Makarushka

Keith Worsham

Ken Davis

Kevin Hilgeman

Mark Hartshorn

Mathew Giebe

Michael Christianson-Pena

Mike Harris

Nathan Garbutt

Nowell Helms

Pat Ridgewell

Robert Morales

Robert Smith

Ronald Hogue

Sheldon Goff

Stephan Hoyt

Tibor Lepes

Vaugh Franklin

William Slater

Xamaca Carpenter

And A Very Special Thank You to Nathan Harrenstein For Putting it All Together